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Design & Construction

Triple Z as the Greater Sydney area of property design and construction specialist, we have many years of experience and a large number of successful cases.

Customer satisfaction with our projects is our biggest goal, we are working hard to complete the luxury residential design and construction, professional home decoration, as well as store design and decoration.

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Your house is full of your joy and memory, we could choose not to leave it. The renovation of old houses is more exciting than ever!

As a high-quality brand of Sydney house renovation, Triple Z has helped a large number of customers to complete the renovation of their old houses. When you see your old house more new than ever, this is not only a significant investment, but we are sure you will be proud of our excellent work!

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Knockdown & Rebuild

It takes determination and courage to decide to knockdown existing houses and rebuild them. If you have thought about it in this way, then we will let you make this decision without regret.

The property knockdown and rebuild service of Triple Z would give our customers the best one-stop experience, which means you don’t have to worry about when you should knockdown your house, what to do with the waste after the house is knocked down, and when to start rebuilding.

We will make a complete plan for you, and one-stop to solve all the headaches for you!

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You may have known that before we could do knockdown, rebuild, and property construction, we must get the approval of the council.

To apply for compliance with your approval is a time-consuming and energy-consuming task, as it not only takes as little as a few weeks and months to apply but more importantly, it also needs to submit documents to ensure the smooth completion of the application.

If you are considering having the properties of your dreams, you should get approval!

The one-stop service of Triple Z includes applying for these approvals for you.

Whether it is Development Application (DA), Complying Development Certificate (CDC), The Occupancy Certificate (OC), or The Construction Certificate (CC), our professional consultants will help you apply for relevant approval through the most patient and reliable service, so as to further your dream!

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